Sugar Crashes & Girl Probs

Prob #1: Tiny person cannot seem to handle her sugar intake. I’ve been sick/nauseous a lot lately, so all I can eat are mostly desserts. LOTS of icecream, fries, and chocolates. Let me tell you… the sugar found in those chocolates are EVIL!!!!! They give me such drastic sugar crashes which made both my mood & energy plummet. Chocolate, I think it’s time for a break. It’s a shame because they wrap you up so pretty during Christmas time!

- - - * * *

Prob #2: A week ago, a spirit came over me. LOL. It convinced me that I didn’t need to spend $40 to get a haircut at the salon and that I should just do it myself. The result? Your little sister’s hair, courtesy of mom. 


I did find a cheap solution, though. Hair extensions! I just got these from Ebay for $25 with free shipping! If I were to buy these at the mall, they would be $100. Over 5,000 customers bought extensions from this buyer too, so it must be good. Hmmm. Gonna wait 2-3 weeks til I get it, then i’ll post pictures!

It’s been 3 years since I last wore hair extensions! 

- - - * * *

Prob #3: Winter weather = dry skin. And breakouts. I bought this ICM Pharma Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream because i’m running out of my Murad acne spot treatment and it DOES cost a lot for its size! I do love that one but i’ve also heard good things about this, and it costs 50% less than Murad’s!

I like that it kills bacteria on the surface of the skin, unblocks oily pores, and dries up pimples. AAAANND it’s skintone so I can wear it under makeup!! Score :)

Christmas Road Trip

Gotta check myself. Ha. It’s so easy to get carried away by ‘emotions’. Gotta be reminded that no matter how much we love a person, they still have a life outside of us. And a taken guy who still has plenty of room to do what he wants and hang out with friends is a happy man! So… ima check myself. lol.

I’ve never at all gotten in trouble for these kinds of things (ie. being too “overbearing”), but that’s cause i’m a chill girlfriend (ohoho). But just cause I understand doesn’t mean I don’t feel sad when the bastard plans on travelling abroad for a month! I’m gonna miss him, and that’s that. 

- - - * * *

Anyway, I came back from a roadtrip with the fam today! We stayed at a hotel in Banff for one night. Here are some pics from the trip :)


My first gondola ride~~ Not gonna lie, it was a bit scary being up so high!


Nope, no sign of life down there!


Our view from the observatory. Beautiful :)


Visiting Banff also means BEAVER TAILS!!!!! It’s been two years, too long. I had one everyday (two in total). My new favorite is the Skor cheesecake. It tastes like Christmas.

- - - * * *

Anyway, that’s about all for now! I’ll be updating this blog more often :) yay!

Started watching Heirs tonight! Just finished the first episode. Yep, still inlove with Lee Min Ho. hahah. 

Cool story.. I went to the cafe (in Gangnam) which was featured in the first episode. I freaked out. LOL. So excited to watch the rest of the series! =)

October update

My skin has never been happier with me! I started using LUSH products as well as other simple products that didn’t contain many harsh chemicals. I also stopped using foundation on a daily basis, and if I did i’d use a Korean BB cream all over the face instead. It doesn’t break me out. 

Anyways, just plain girl talk. It’s 1:30 a.m right now and I just got home. A lot of things are going through my mind nowadays.. mostly planning for the future. Even though i’m 24, the thought of buying a house or investing in a retirement fund never crossed my mind. To me, those things seem so far away from where I am right now. And of course there’s paying off debt from student loans, and deciding where I want to see myself in the next 10 years of my life. Pretty overwhelming huh? Better to tackle it now than later though. 

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people who are smart with their money. It inspires me to make better of myself and to plan ahead. If money was never my strength in the past, I will make sure to make it my strength in the future. I’m no stranger to turning things around and making permanent changes in my life, if I know it’s for the better. Intense? Nah. Just aware of the consequences and making an effort to choose well. 

Something happened recently, my family and I switched from having a Filipino citizenship to a Canadian citizenship. I made a timeline event of it on facebook and it was well received by both friends and family! This made me feel really supported and that these people were genuinely glad to be receiving the good news with me. It kind of renewed my faith in them (LOL), and i’m happy to know that there are many well-wishers out there. 

I’ve been keeping out of any work drama. Although it’s not an easy job, I do it with a light heart. First of all, i’m thankful that I even have a job and can afford to go on life-changing trips, eat delicious meals out of my own pocket, and shop for the things that I want. I’m currently working two jobs (have been for about 15 months now!) and reaping the benefits well :) Girl’s Generation (an insanely famous Korean girl group) still serve as my primary inspiration. I’m observing and copying habits of hard work and perseverance from them, and also tips on being fabulous. lol.

A Little Bit of Food Porn (never hurt anyone)

Such a cool shot, if you ask me ;) I actually need to buy hiking shoes because these are my gym shoes. lol.

Attempted to make avocado smoothie twice this week =P 

My boyfriend who came up with this idea on a friday night. Best boyfriend ever. 

Le sister got a job at a famous pizza place in town. Means pigging out on carbs. Lots of it!

Still made by ze boyfriend. He likes to feed me :D yay!!!

That Sunday we went to Church then Korean after! Such a delicious meal. Also had beef stew on the side. (not in picture!)

Korean dessert— green tea pingsu. It’s my favorite one in the house! :)

We were sitting in front of a couch today and about 20 mins later, noticed what the poster beside us was saying. lol. “If that ain’t a sign, then I don’t know what is.”

Random Likes!

This Summer’s just been amazing for me. Can’t believe Fall is just around the bend and i’ll be back in University in a couple of months! Anyways, i’ve been planning a LOT of things lately and just working really hard at it. 

My Schedule Next Week-

Yeah i’m working Monday to Saturday, and yeah that’s FIVE hospital shifts which I really doubt that i’ll come out of alive. Really, I don’t know how i’m gonna live through next week but it’ll just have to happen because nothing worth having comes easily! Save yo money. lol.

Do you like my new red shoes? They give me blisters. haha. I better wear them more often! =]

I’ve been wearing this necklace nonstop since I got it from Korea in May! It was only $2 :D

In LOVE with Etude House’s “Dear Darling Tint”. Seriously… the color is just so pretty and it lasts longer than the Body Shops’s lip & cheek stain, or even The Balm’s “Stainiac”. I love korean cosmetics and am always so amazed with the quality considering the price!

BLUSH. This raggedy old thing which is called “Berry” (by Rimmel London). 

These are the brushes that i’ve been using!!

Kat Von D liquid eyeliner. Literally doesn’t smudge :) I’m super impressed!

Favorite Netflix show of the moment. LOLERS. It’s definitely not your usual glamorous set up  (and I admit, it sometimes reminds me of my own work life) but i find it interesting and funny.

My wooden turtle from Jamaica! haha. My friend came back from there and made me choose between the elephant and turtle. UMM. I definitely choose the turtle!

And lastly, my birthday nails!! I just called it Birthday nails because it’s so glittery hahaha.